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  • Pressure Regulators Mini Pressure Regulators Beswick

    Product Type Select.. Pressure Regulators Vacuum Regulators Pressure Compensated Flow Controls Back Pressure Regulators Gas Cylinder Adapters. Outlet Pressure Select Outlet Pressure Up to 20 psig (1.4 bar) Up to 30 psig (2.1 bar) Up to 45 psig (3.1 bar) Up to 100 psig (6.9 bar) Up to 200 psig (13.8 bar) Up to 400 psig (27.6 bar)

  • JSRULP Series, Low to Medium Flow, Very Low Pressure

    Barstock Construction, Low to Medium Flow, Very Low Pressure. The JSRULP is a pressure regulating valve ideal for low flow, very low pressure precision regulation of clean compressed air and gas used in pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical R & D, Pilot and Production facilities.

  • JSRLFLP Series, Compressed Air & Pressure Regulators by

    Manual or Air Augmented, Low Flow, Low Pressure, Jorlon Diaphragm. Inline style, manual or air loaded, pressure reducing valves for low flow, low pressure clean compressed air and gas point of use applications in stainless steel and single use disposable vessels for the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and consumer health & beauty industries.

  • Robertshaw Products G Series Flow Regulators

    The Robertshaw® G Series Flow Regulators, formerly branded Dole®, are designed for water and energy critical applications. The wide range of flexible orifice designs tightly control the desired flow output over a wide pressure drop range. The G Series is used in a broad range of applications including tankless heaters, cooling towers, fan

  • Gas pressure regulation valves Oxford Flow

    Oxford Flow Americas, Inc. 1400 Broadfield Blvd. Suite 200 Houston, TX 77084. Office 1 713 491 6191

  • Flow Regulator Deltrol Fluid Products

    Available in either fixed or adjustable flow, a pressure compensated flow regulator achieves constant flow independent of inlet pressure variations, with pressure variations up to 3,000 psi (207bar). The compensating action of fixed flow regulator valves results from a fixed diameter orifice at the inlet end and a series of variable orifices at the outlet end.

  • International Oxygen Tank RegulatorsPromolife

    We provide low flow regulators to match most of those tanks. Verify the style of tank you have (preferred) or check your country below to find out which regulator is right for you. Due to the wide variety of tanks available throughout the world, Promolife cannot guarantee that the regulators listed will work in the selected country.

  • Demand Flowgascogas

    Products Regulators Demand Flow Demand Flow Demand Flow. This Nickel plated, high quality regulator is a convenient method of gas flow regulation. It's also our most popular regulator. Specifications. Part # 75-DFR Valve Inlet C-10 OR CGA 600 Flow

  • Ap Tech Home

    AP Tech, also known as Advanced Pressure Technology, is a manufacturer of gas handling componentsprimarily pressure regulators and valves. AP Tech’s forte is products to deliver specialty gases for high purity through ultra high purity applications. Starting from the source vessel to point of use and into the process tool or equipment

  • Understanding a Regulator Flow Characteristic Curve

    Flow characteristic curves instead characterize a phenomenon called “droop” in regulators. Droop is a regulator’s natural tendency to allow a drop in output pressure as flow through a unit increases. The amount of droop in a regulator will depend largely on the design of the regulator. High performing, precision regulators, such as the

  • RegulatorsPower Tank

    The COMP series HP250i is our bread and butter regulator. It has an adjustable output up to 250 psi with a flow rate of 40 cfm. Compare this to a heavy duty OBA compressor which has a max output of 150 psi and a flow rate of only 2.62 cfm (at 0 psi). Not only will you be able to fill tires many times faster than any other air system but you can

  • Type 6100 High Flow Capacity Volume Booster ControlAir

    The Type 6100 aluminum volume booster is a 1 1 signal to output relays that is utilized in applications that require high forward airflow and exhaust capacities. Typically they are used to increase the throttling speed of large volume valve actuators. They are suitable for either diaphragm or piston actuators.

  • JRLL SeriesFractional Flow Control Valves and Regulators

    The JRLL Series are low flow regulators designed and built specifically for very low pressure applications. The durable valve body and metal trim components are machined from 316L SST barstock. The valve is outfitted with a sensitive PTFE Jorlon diaphragm for accurate low pressure sensing and Teflon, PEEK, KEL-F and EPDM seats for ANSI Class VI

  • JRPH/L Series Piston Operated Pressure Regulating Valve

    Piston Operated Pressure Regulating Valve. The JRPH & JRPL Series are piston operated, balanced trim pressure regulators with high Cvs and KEL-F soft seat for ANSI Class VI shutoff. There are three set ranges for each model. Elastomer seals are used throughout with Buna-N, EPDM and Viton being standard options, along with matching back up seals.

  • How to Select a Pressure Regulator Flow Control

    We need to find the Cv of the regulator at a set pressure of 30 psi. From the chart you've downloaded you can see the Cv is 5.5 (the intersection of the 30 psi line on the chart and the 1" valve line). The Cv is on the bottom horizontal scale. Now divide the required flow rate, 10

  • Oxygen Regulators Respiratory Products Mada Medical

    Flow Meter Style (6 Products) Oxygen Regulator No. 1358. Login for Pricing Add to Cart View. Oxygen Regulator No. 1359. Login for Pricing Add to Cart View. Oxygen Regulator No. 1358-1. Login for Pricing Add to Cart View. Oxygen Flow Meter Regulator No. . Login for Pricing Add to Cart View. Oxygen Regulator No. 1359-1. Login for Pricing

  • Flow Regulator for clamping resin feed lines in stock

    Clamping off tubing to begin and end resin flow is a critical step in the resin infusion process—and the Flow Regulator makes it easy. To use, simply crease 1 ⁄ 2 Vacuum Tubing (#893) back onto itself, slide the Regulator over the crease, and lock in place. To permit flow, release the lock. Use it over and over again. Flow Regulator can also be used to restrict air flow in vacuum bagging

  • 1800B2 Series Pressure RegulatorsHoneywell Smart Energy

    Product Details The Elster American Meter Series 1800B2 pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications and feature a compact, lightweight design for fast, easy installation. Interchangeable orifices and springs provide a wide range of outlet pressures and flow rates. Outlet pressures between 3.5″ W.C. and 2 PSIG are available.

  • Sandwich Pressure Regulators Flow Controls & Pressure

    0059/H1 COM REG 5-125 W/GAGE. Item #. ISO SIZE 1 Series Sandwich Regulator. Common Port. 5-125 PSIG w/Gauge. My Applied Catalog. View more details. each. qty.

  • 3M™ Scott™ Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator

    Featuring a wider field of view to see more and a new regulator design to breathe easier, the Vision C5 Facepiece with E-Z Flo C5 Regulator delivers the key performance qualities to help meet the changing needs of today’s firefighter. Building on the proven, trusted performance of the Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA, the Vision C5 facepiece provides

  • Flow regulators Bosch Rexroth USA

    Mar 01, 1990 · Flow dividers, combiners. Ports G 3/4G 1. Maximum operating pressure 5100 psi. Maximum flow up to 39.6 gpm. Data sheets. Additional Technical Data. Load Holding Motion Control valveFlow regulators. A-DRF (G 3/4-G 1/2) 0M.E1.03.90.04Z.

  • RegulatorsCHROMA GAS SDN BHD

    Flow Regulator. This Flow Regulators for 34ltr, 58ltr, and 110ltr is designed to be used with instruments that utilize a pump to draw calibration gas. Ask our product specialist for more information or specifications. Specification. Description. Specification. Flow rate 0.0 5.0 litre p/m. Pressure

  • Pressure Reducing Regulators LowFlow Valve

    Pressure reducing regulators with the ability to handle very high pressures and very low flows, low set pressures and very low flows and piston operated regulators with high Cvs. JR Series &xrarr High Pressure / Low Flow Pressure Regulating Valves

  • Clean Compressed Air & Gas Back Pressure Regulators

    Steriflow’s clean compressed air and gas regulator product line offers some industry firsts, and is the most reliable and complete product application in existence. From sterile gas blanketing for stainless and single use vessels size 2L and larger, to bioreactor sparge or incubator regulation and high flow for air drying after sanitization

  • Flow regulatorsNeoperl

    For water stream control, flow regulators control the force and range of the stream. The gentle flow of water aids careful cleaning of the eyes, e.g., in eye showers. Precisely dosed quantities. In combination with solenoid valves, our regulators ensure that coffee and drinks machines, as well as industrial filling plants, dispense the correct

  • Back Pressure RegulatorBliss Flow Systems

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] The 7700 Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) Series is an excellent and economical device for relief and control of pressure in liquid and gas service. Valve control is accomplished by upstream pressure acting on a lapped piston, which is acted on by a spring. The valve will open at a determined set pressure, which is field adjustable.

  • Medical Oxygen Pressure Regulator

    Flow Range 015 lpm / 025 lpm. Body Material Aluminium anodize. Filter 40 micron. Dial Plastic white, black lettering. Dial Size 50 mm. Flow Setting 12 Steps (including zero position) Operating Temperature -10°C to 180°C. Sealing Material Viton. Design Standard IS/ISO 2018

  • High Pressure RegulatorRegulator Assy, Gas Oven

    Products description Model NO. GR150A LP regulator CSA Certificated Working temperature range -40゚F-130゚F Inlet pressure 10psi~250psi Outlet pressure 11” W.C (280mmH2O) Max flow rate 150000BTU/Hr Inlet GCC structure thread 1.312-5ACE,With the over-flow cut and over-heat cut function Inlet PEL structure thread 0.88-14NGO-LH .With the over-flow cut function.

  • Flow regulator, Flow controllerAll industrial

    Flow rate 0 l/min6 l/min Pressure 60 psi Nominal diameter 0.2 mm1.8 mmDR-2 regulator for accurate and precise pressure control in a small package. Unlike other mass flow controllers that require a 30 minute warm-up time, large differential

  • Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators by Steriflow Valve

    A Product! Sanitary Back Pressure Regulators Pharma process and clean utility back pressure regulating valves, 1/2"3" (DN15DN80) with tri-clamp or weld ends, low to high flow, manual or air augmented, all with the Jorlon™ lifetime diaphragm warranty.

  • JR SeriesHigh Pressure/Low Flows RegulatorSteriflow

    « All Products. Product Overview. The JR Series line of high pressure regulators have the ability to handle very high pressures and very low flows. USDA and FDA approved soft goods available upon request. The series is ideal for research and sampling systems along with general, corrosive and specialty gas and liquid services (non-cavitating).

  • Fixed Flow Regulator, Fixed Flow Regulator Expoters

    Office Address. 17, Shramjivi Industrial Estate, 1st Floor, Ramchandra Cross Lane, Kachpada, Malad(W), Mumbai. Plant Address. 17, Shramjivi Industrial Estate

  • ProductsFractional Flow Control Valves and Regulators

    Three way, light-weight control valves for mixing in low flow process applications and three way control valves for mixing or diverting services. Pneumatic Control Valves &xrarr Pneumatic control valves available with many options including bellows stem seals,